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Listed asTop 100 Enterprises in China for Turnover Completion of Foreign Contracted Engineering

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On Feb.15,2019, the Ministry of Commerce has released a list of top 100 enterprises in China for completed turnover of foreign contracting projects in 2018, Zhongding International Engineering Co.,Ltd. was listed and ranked 86. According to the Ministry of Commerce, the turnover of China’s foreign contracting engineering was 1.12 trillion in 2018, 1.7% decrease compared to the same period last year, and the same for new contract amount is 10.7% decrease. Under the circumstances that the overall growth of overseas engineering business was hindered, the top 100 enterprises including Zhongding International made great efforts and successfully completed the turnover of foreign contracted engineering in a relatively good way.

In this process, Zhongding International not only realized the breakthrough of “mixed ownership reform” +“special qualification upgrading”, but also realized the double accomplishment of quantity and quality in terms of project market development, with the newly signed contracts totaling 6.5 billion yuan, an increase of 45% over the previous year. Algeria, the main battlefield of Zhongding, has won another big tender with the contract totaling 800million yuan for 4477sets EPC affordable housing project officially signed at the end of 2018.The Middle East market, which has a high threshold and great difficulty, also made substantial progress, winning the contract of 110 million yuan sewage project in Saudi Arabia.

Other early foreign aid project teams like Cambodia & Kenya also took root and successfully opened up the local market by undertaking the housing construction, water supply and sewage projects with the contract amount upto 200 million yuan, which laid a solid foundation for continuing to complete the turnover of foreign contracting projects  in the New Year.