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Zhongding International Algeria Branch Actively Donates Aid for Anti-epidemic

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To support COVID - 19 prevention and control work in domestic, the Party branches and project departments of the Algeria branch have organized fund-raising activities for continuousone week. Secretary of the general party branch made the first donation, Party members and cadres took the lead in making donations, Chinese employees, Algerian employeesand Vietnamese employees responded quickly and made donations spontaneously and voluntarily, showing love without distinction of nationality.

To support COVID - 19 prevention and control work in domestic, the Party branches and project departments of the Algeria branch have organized fund-raising activities for continuousone week. Secretary of the general party branch made the first donation, Party members and cadres took the lead in making donations, Chinese employees, Algerian employeesand Vietnamese employees responded quickly and made donations spontaneously and voluntarily, showing love without distinction of nationality.