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Zhongding International Successively Entered the List of Top 100 Enterprises in China's Foreign Contracted Engineering Business

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 Recently, the Ministry of Commerce released the list of the top 100 enterprises that completed the turnover of foreign contracted projects in 2019, Zhongding International Engineering Co., Ltd. ranked 95th with the turnover of 385.22 million US dollars. Since the Ministry of Commerce first released the list last year, Zhongding International has entered the list for the second consecutive year.

 Recently, the Ministry of Commerce released the list of the top 100 enterprises that completed the turnover of foreign contracted projects in 2019, Zhongding International Engineering Co., Ltd. ranked 95th with the turnover of 385.22 million US dollars. Since the Ministry of Commerce first released the list last year, Zhongding International has entered the list for the second consecutive year.