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Zhongding International's Overseas Development Received Triumphant News

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Recently, Zhongding International's overseas market development has won "two major orders": the central prison building and its ancillary works project in botharam, Thailandand the construction project of king salman bin abdulaziz hospital, Zambia. In particular, the Zambian hospital project, with a total contract amount of 126 million US dollars, not only achieved a breakthrough in a new country market, but also set the record of the largest overseas single project and the largest EPC general contracting project won by Zhongding international since its establishment .


Recently, Zhongding International's overseas market development has won "two major orders": the central prison building and its ancillary works project in botharam, Thailandand the construction project of king salman bin abdulaziz hospital, Zambia. In particular, the Zambian hospital project, with a total contract amount of 126 million US dollars, not only achieved a breakthrough in a new country market, but also set the record of the largest overseas single project and the largest EPC general contracting project won by Zhongding international since its establishment .